I’m a youth and community worker and facilitator and social research practitioner, sometimes available to conspire, collude, hatch-a-plot or work with.

Community work is the practice of social justice, work contextualised in changing political times. Trends in poverty and inequality function as a yardstick. Effective community work involves a circle of reflection, dialogue, critical thinking and action.

“It is always the people with fewest resources, struggling the hardest against odds, who are the ones who are expected to galvanise themselves into heroic acts of citizenship…” (Toynbee, 2003:129)

I work with people to tackle challenges they define and find solutions together. Listening, clarifying and agreeing priorities, then working to bring about change. I go with definitions that explain a process of working with groups of diverse people, to identify mutual opportunity for change.

For paid commissions I vary from cheap to reassuringly expensive.


Email me using the Contact Form below and I’ll get back to you sharpish, if you haven’t ended up in my junk mail.


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